Was Einstein right?


1.  Einstein’s theory of general relativity is bankrupt of any reality. It is only a "looks like" or a "relative appearance" theory. Every model he used to demonstrate the slowing or accelerating of time amounts to nothing more than a slow-motion or fast-forward playback of what had already occurred and been pre-recorded. His models have all the genius of suggesting that I can record a clock with my video camera, drive real fast around the block while rewinding the tape, then play the video back next to the clock and thus prove I have slowed time! No model can be cited to demonstrate witnessing an event before that event actually occurs in its space. This should not be the case if time is alterable as Einstein suggests. The only time that exists at any given moment is the present. The future can be planned for (as in a blueprint) and events can be predicted, and the present can be recorded on numerous media (including light waves) and played back at a future present so as to make the past appear revisited, but none of these phenomena alter or effect in any way the steady, linear, eternal progression of time.  


2.  E=mc2 is itself a mathematical hoax.  It is a take-off on the formula for kinetic energy which is stated as K=1/2mv2. In this ingenious formula both "m" (mass)  and "v" (velocity) are variables. This formula yields a result that accurately reflects the energy of a moving object. In Einstein’s famous formula, the velocity of light, represented as "c2", is a constant figure.  Multiplying a single variable, "m", by a constant, tells us nothing new about the variable that we did not already know. The hoax is complete because the equation works.  But we have everything we need to know with the simple equation, E=m. The amount of atomic energy contained in a piece of matter is directly proportionate to its atomic mass. Nothing more needs to be said. I challenge anyone to explain what new information is gained by multiplying matter's mass by a single constant figure. It is the subtle addition of the velocity of light into the equation that Einstein uses as a premise to paint a magical picture of time in general relativity.