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Obama’s Comeback (resurrection)?!

S Nelson Feb. 18 2017


If you have been following my work, you are aware of my articles concerning Obama being the antichrist and that I had also predicted Obama would not be leaving office on January 20. This prediction I had based on a number of factors. First, that he was without question the antichrist of Bible prophecy for a number of reasons ...not the least of which was the fact that the number of his name added up to 666. I had written and posted articles concerning this fact that had remained on my website, some for almost 9 years! (Links to those articles are located below) Another major reason I believed he would not be leaving office was my interpretation of the prophecy in Revelation 13 where it says the beast (antichrist) had seven heads and one of the heads was wounded unto death but was healed. I continue to believe this interpretation is correct ...that the seven heads of the beast represented the last week, or seven years, of Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 weeks (Daniel 9:24-27). I had explained in my articles that the wound was therefore not a physical wound, but figurative of the universal belief that Obama day’s as leader of the most powerful nation on earth were coming to an end. Then, just five days before inauguration day in Paris France, Obama ratified an agreement with over 70 nations that declared Israel had no legal right to any territory beyond the ‘67 lines, which meant that Israel had no legal right to the old city of Jerusalem or the temple mount! This declaration was exactly what was needed to begin that last seven years of Daniel’s prophecy! The prophecy said, “And he (the antichrist) will confirm an agreement (that must concern Jerusalem) with the many for one week (seven years). After the event of this accord, I was certain that Obama’s “wound” would be healed and he would not leave office.  When Trump was sworn in and Obama left town I was stunned and left speechless. Others who were close to me on this were also shocked! I issued an apology for my error and explained that I had never claimed to have heard these things from God nor had I ever claimed to be a prophet. These conclusions and predictions were simply my best attempt to connect the prophetic dots ...and I had obviously been wrong and missed something. 

It appears now to a number of us who are working on this what that mistake might well have been. Still attempting to connect the dots here… the error appears to have been in the interpretation of the head of the beast being, “wounded unto death”. I had assumed the head never actually died. It just appeared it was destined to, but at the last moment it was healed. Yet the literal word for word translation from the Greek of Revelation 13:3 reads

 “And I saw one of the heads of it as having been slain to death, and the wound of the death of it was healed.”   

There is no ambiguity here or room for an almost-died interpretation! This more accurate translation clearly indicates that death occurred. The healing of the wound that caused the death then led to a resurrection from the dead of sorts.

So if Obama is indeed the antichrist and we are going to follow through using this picture, we should have expected him to leave power for a time, but not for more than a year, or I would imagine more than one head would have had the deadly wound. 

The prospects of Obama returning to office obviously appear extremely improbable at this point, but they are not completely out of the question. It is undoubtedly this fact, that once out of office it is near impossible for him to return, that I originally opted for the almost-out-of-office interpretation. But now that that scenario has been blown out of the water, all that is left is the died-and-came-back interpretation ...which as mentioned, fits the language of the prophecy much better. 

How could this possibly happen? I can only speculate again. But one possibility could be in the fact that the accusation, Trump-and-the-Russians-colluded-in-some-way, just won’t go away. If it should ever be documented that this collusion in fact occurred, Trump would undoubtedly be unseated and there would be a call for new elections. The November elections would be voided, at least the presidential aspect of it, effectively removing the possibility that Pence would move up to the top slot, and also thereby demand that the former President be reinstalled until new “fair” elections could be held. In the ensuing civil unrest, you can be sure that would be never! This scenario would fit the prophecy much better in the fact that the very thing that caused Obama to leave office, the election, was undone, and “healed”. 

This possible scenario is just another of my attempts at speculating how it could all still come down. I could be way off.  But if in some way Obama does return to office within a year from day he left office, we will know with absolute certainty where we are at on the prophetic time line! This next year will tell. If he does not return, it’s back to the drawing board.

Below are links to the articles I had previously posted concerning Obama, as well as those of the false prophet. In some of them I make the prediction that Obama would not be leaving office on January 20th 2017. I have left them in for now, and ask the reader to consider them in light of the above explanation. 


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