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The following are just a handful of the many positive letters of input received in support of the writing of the book Yeshua/Jesus & Judaism vs. Paul & Christianity. Thank you to these and the many others who have offered their words of encouragement. Last entry 1/2002



I wandered on to your website somehow and I can't believe that someone else thinks the same things I do...I was beginning to wonder if it was only me that thought Paul was to much into his other things in the writings.  Also, things in the Old Testament that almost point to looking for him...where is everyone's discernment?  How can they think Paul is the "super apostle"?  I keep going back to Deut. 13:3  "This is a test-this is only a test" and all will be fooled except the very elect-those with ears to hear what the Spirit is saying...I praise my God that He is instructing me in His Truth and I learn only from His Word and not "hearsay" from others.  Thank you for your work and website...I will be visiting you often.   MKE from Michigan


Shalom!  I have found your page to be a refreshing surprise.  I myself am a non-Paulistic Messianic Yahuist, and I find the studies supplied to be fascinating.  Particularly valuable to me and my local brother is the refutation of Calvinist ideas; there are not a few stringent "five-pointers" around here who swear up and down by Paul and keep calling us a "cult" for being outside "historical Christianity" (Paulianity). And in regard to the nature of YAHUEH/Elohim you expound, I find myself to be in agreement.  This is a great confirmation for me.  And as to "timelessness," I could not agree more!!!  What is up with all the nonsense about "timelessness" and things "happening" before time "began?"  And eternal Life really being "timeless" life?  I recognized it as a Hellenistic superstition a good while ago, and it does me good to find someone else who sees through it as well.  ...please accept my thanks for putting these studies on the internet for all to read. HalaluYAHH! Shalom in Messiah Yeshua`,  D


I just found your site.  As a minister who left the "church" to find the truth, I would like to say, "keep up the good work".  Though the Truth is hard to handle at times, it must be spoken.  Stay Close to HIM.


I, too, thought I was blaspheming God's word because I found Paul to go against many of Yeshua's messages.  He seems to preach the EXACT OPPOSITE of what God said regarding the  tenants of belief in the one true God, i.e., The Sabbath, circumcision, and unclean foods, to name a few.  Too many do not see the obvious; that the evil one has used men to create the mirror opposite of true worship.  Too many also do not see the end result of what Christianity will become.   Thank you for a truly visionary piece of work.


Well thank you to our most magnificent YHVH for leading me to your website. I just had the most awful Sabbath studying some of the "New Testament" because I had been feeling guilty about neglecting it.  I enjoy so much studying the Law and the Prophets and feel uncomfortable and uneasy studying Paul.  I have never liked him and always avoided his writings.  And consequently felt like a "bad christian."      Now a Nazarene, following Yehshua and His Torah teaching, and totally alone out here in the remnant, what a relief to find your site.  Never again will I let that false apostle ruin my Sabbath.  I have always wondered why there were thirteen apostles when scripture clearly says there are twelve. And why would Yehshua painstakingly teach His "taught ones," for three years and then add one on later?  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your studies. May our awesome YHVH keep you and yours and continue directing you in the truth. 
North Carolina USA


I'm not quit sure what to say. I have studied the Bible in depth for 15 years and have always felt like something was missing. The last couple of years of my life I have grown to realize that Christianity is really missing the mark and have searched endlessly for others who feel like I. Finally, I found you. Your writings are an inspiration to me. I know the task you have been handed is a very tedious and pain staking job. You must complete your findings. As another writer asked of you, "please try to have your findings published in hard copy" for those who do not have computers. Society needs to hear what you have to say. Many ministers are leaving not only the ministry but God as well because of discouragement and what Christianity has them off!

Keep up the great job and thanks again. You are a God send!



I just wanted to congratulate you on a great effort.  Your research is phenomenal and what's great about it is that you use "the bible."  In other words, it cannot be disputed since it's not from some "other" text.  I haven't had this much fun since I took Dr. Robert Eisenmann's class called Christian Origins at Cal State Long Beach (I graduated from there with a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies, I had Dr. Eisenmann for "5" classes, I almost died).  I have myself been doing some research on Paul and it's great that I found someone that has drawn the same conclusions as I have.  I guess this means that I'm not crazy.  But if I am, I'm not alone and why should we care because Paul is not the one that died for our sins.  Good luck and God Bless. 

                                                        C. I.


I found Yeshua at a fundamentalist bible camp when I was 12. My mother a catholic was furious when I was fully immersed baptized in a lake at 15. I have a very loving relationship with the Lord and it was in prayer one day when I was calling him Jesus and telling him of my love that he said I wish you would call me Yeshua. I had never heard that term and so I decided to do a search on that when I found your site on the internet. It was such a relief to know that it was a message from Yeshua, and that name did exist... referring to him. I now talk to him with that name. It offended me when i learned on another site that Paul had changed his name to a more Roman acceptable name.  
I love Yeshua with all my heart. L.H.


Greetings to you Scott in the Name of YHVH, Just wanted to write and say how much I have benefited from your teachings regarding the 'self-proclaimed' apostle Paul. Coming out of Chr-stianity after 18 years I firmly believe that the church in general has developed the basis of it's theology around the teachings and ideas of the man Paul. Is it not true that the 'gist' of the New Testament is made up around the theology of Paul? Has not the 'evangelical records' of J-sus been 'injected' with sayings and comments which confirmed and accorded with what Paul taught? Finding your website was a 'breath of fresh air' compared with some of the 'smog' guising itself as Truth. Your articles present much solid information desperately needed for those who are sincerely' seeking Emet (truth).

May HaShem continue to bless your work.


H. S.


Nice work on the apostle Paul.  I found Hyam Maccoby's , The Myth Maker very well done and to the point as well.  Paul's arguments in Galatians on "seed and seeds" is terrible and I would have been flunked in seminary for such reasoning!  The Christian church may someday have to wake up to the fact that it is Paul who is the culprit in the total confusion in the faith today between Law and Grace, Sabbath-Sunday, Trinity etc...The Christian church started out Jewish , was taken away from Peter , James and John , by Paul and made in the mold of Gentile Hellenism at the hands of Paul, it seems.

Interesting work,



"For about the last two years or so, I have been running in to some of the same difficulties you address in your website.  Admittedly, when I had my eyes opened to Acts 15 AS IT WAS INTENDED TO BE READ I realized that perhaps Paul did not fall in with the early church as most fundamentalists today (and for most of church history) would like to believe.  Then I had obtained a book by Robert Eisenman which really connects some of these missing pieces.  In effect, I have concluded that the Reformation was not an accident.  Paul himself managed to sow the very seeds of dissension when he started the ball rolling against the Jerusalem church.  Is it any accident that eastern Gentile Christianity took portions of true Messianic belief and became focused on works?  Is it also an accident of history that the more westernized, Hellenized Roman Catholicism became that they would be the first to split from their eastern coreligionists and that in turn they too would also be split from?  It makes sense to me, from a chaotician's perspective that Paul started the break with the structure and order of the law and thereby introduced a slight "butterfly's wing flap" that has now produced hundreds of dissenting denominations from what was once a single homogenous body of Messianic believers focused on the ONLY ONE which is its sole claim. 

 I think that you have presented a strong argument that most Christians unfortunately will be far too doctrinally, denominationally or otherwise entrenched to consider, let alone receive.  I think you have done a great service though in apologetics and in recognizing Israel's unchanged, undiminished place in time and eternity as God's only people. I am not Jewish, but having studied Hebrew and Syriac and the Scriptures for 27 years, I must say that I concur with your position.
Again, I had struggled with Paul's apparent duality regarding the practice of the law and his writings. At the very least, anyone would have to admit that this is still problematic and does not admit simplistic explanations.  Your claim does predicate well on Paul's liberal use of the first person. I took that study a bit further to compare with other New Testament writer just to get a sense of this from his other letters.  Any great mystical writer, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, Moslem or Eastern would concur that this sense of  "I" is extremely delusional and inappropriate for one with such claims.  Well, I will look to see future installments at your website."


Dear Scott N.


Finally, I have found someone who views Paul the same way I see him.  Paul's doctrines contradict Jesus so many times, and so blatantly, that it is hard to believe that there isn't throngs of people who would throw his writings out of the Bible.  What amazes me is that the so called "church fathers" included his writings, but rejected works like the Gospel of Thomas.

I hope that once you have completed your work, you publish it in hard copy for all of those believers who do not have the web.

I hope to converse with you from time to time as you complete other portions of your book!  I can not express the joy I received when I happened upon your site.

All of God's Blessings,

M.  S. 


I have just read your site (I couldn't stop reading).... 

I came to your site while researching Paul. Believing from my research that modern day Christianity was rooted in him and his teachings I undertook to start by reading and dissecting his letters. I thought from there I would be able to get to the heart of real Christianity...

Your site has changed my original belief that the truth of Christianity is to be found in the writings of Paul, I thank you for the enlightenment. I will need to research this much more but I believe your theories have made a definite and permanent change for the better in my beliefs. I'm sure I will have more questions when I read over your site more I hope you do not mind answering them. Lastly I have to say that I believe it was God who guide me here( to this site). I have repeatedly asked Him to guide me into the truth from the time of  my conversion to Christianity 2 years ago up until the present. This is the answer to my prayer. That is, it is the beginning of it. Perhaps He is indeed leading me away from Christianity. Thanks again,"  M. M.


I was raised in a very fundamental denomination by the daughter of a Church of Christ minister----I never could get the Yeshua of the Beatitudes to match up with the Jesus that Paul preached, it had always been a "thorn in my side" when it came to believing that the Council of Nicene knew what it was doing establishing the "canon".   I have always had thoughts that Paul was a heretic and someone who had been propped up by his best friend (Luke) and a Jewish government attempting to reconstruct itself, and regain its power over the people. Looks like it was pretty effective. The one thing that always gets me beat up is the scripture about how all scripture is " God Breathed", and then of course Paul's own rendition of it in Rom. 8-28. But then the question does rise, do all things work to the the good of God and His purpose, or to the good of those who love him ( or pretend to) and their own selfish purpose? Or both?   Pretty heady stuff--as for me I'm gonna keep just prayin' to Yeshua and trying to live by His commandments (Well defined at the Sermon on the Mount)   Thank you so very much in solidifying my beliefs, I guess "knowledge is increasing" about what following Yeshua is really all about. God Bless ya 'hole bunches, J. H.


Shalom Goya,

Man, you kicked his fanny again! The Spirit of YHWH is on you Scott. Well done, faithful servant! I wish you were among us (our Bible group). We got a blast out of discussing your latest chapter, "Paul, a Coward?!". You have a gift of "digging" for treasure, which most will only learn too late, is the greatest gift of all; a hunger for G-d. We must talk further about who Jesus is. The enemy is getting nervous. Peace my brother! J.B.


Well done, You are a Christian Jew with nowhere to go and I am a Jewish Christian with nowhere to go. Take heart because now the only place left to go is directly to GOD. No more middle men. What's it feel like to be Jewish?  S.


Interesting thesis. I remember quite vividly my colorful but mainstream Rabbi in Baltimore saying in Sermon that that Jews don't have a disagreement with Jesus, almost none whatsoever, but rather with Paul. That was of one only two sermons I remember well. Good luck with your project. E.L.


I read your article with interest.  I am Jewish by birth, was raised a Roman Catholic, and converted to being a Seventh Day Adventist, but simply cannot come to terms with anything Paul wrote, so completely ignore his books.  I am currently study Judaism to see if I want to be a practicing Jew. Religion has me fascinated... I have been reading more and more of your writings, and have to say I am completely captivated by it all. I would be fascinated to know if you are of any particular religion, or are you like me?  Searching for inner peace. I printed out every article you have written, and I have to say it is the most enlightening material I have ever read. May God continue to bless you with the understanding you have received from Him on how to explain God's truth to us who are desperately seeking the truth. God Bless, M. S.


I wanted to thank you for the work you are doing! I was fortunate to find your web site. For some time now I have believed that Paul was a false apostle, I guess it was the fact that certain of his sayings began to sound different to me from what Jesus taught. I thought maybe I might be the only one to see this, but then I thought that if I were beginning to see things more clearly, then surely God was revealing the same to others. God Bless You! B. F.



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