Ode to the Pharisees

By  Scott N


Thanks to you Pharisees,
(some Rabbis and Paul),
your errors have now
pushed my back to the wall.

Your modern disciples,
of Christians and Jews,
love all of your lies
which are hard to refuse.

Yet each has part truth
which few ever saw.
The Christians... Messiah,
and the Jews have the Law.

So to Christians I'm Jewish,
barely Christian to call.
To the Jews I'm a Christian
and no Jew at all.

It's your premise of Him
on which you both agree,
that I find I vehemently
must most disagree.

You say He is sovereign.
What you claim this to be,
yields a standard of two
that is sickening to me.

If the God-less see suffering
you're quick to discern...
it's of their own doing,
from it they must learn.

But when you have your bad days
you want all to agree
that you're good, (don't deserve it),
'twas only meant to be.

Seems like you can't lose.
You rationalize well.
The great market for lies
makes yours easy to sell.

When you claim your salvation,
all humility
goes right out the window
with claims of destiny.

False truths have men clung to
for thousands of years.
Who wouldn't want your sunshine
blown in their ears?

Now what is my title?
Does it need to be known?
And how do I feel?
Abandoned, and alone.

What will you call me?
I'm still not quite sure.
But how do I stand?
Knowing Him...  so secure!

Scott Nelson    3/95

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