Admission of Error and Apology


What can one say when it has become painfully obvious he was wrong? I had predicted Obama would be staying in office and he is now gone. I am terribly sorry for the undue angst I may have caused some. To others who might have been as excited as I was at the prospect of seeing blatant evidence of Yeshua's soon return ...and are as deflated as I am, to them I apologize as well. I really did believe I had connected all the dots and come to the right conclusion. Indeed, I couldn't see any other possibilities. Those who read my articles know my reasoning was extensive and appeared sound and worked very well with the given prophecies.

I continue to believe Obama is the prophesied antichrist but have no idea how he might come back to power or where. I also still believe we have likely entered the last week of Daniel's prophecy as of the Paris peace accord signing of January 15th ...but I am no longer in any position to argue these points.  

I fully realize I have taken a serious hit to my credibility and reputation ...things I have valued greatly and guarded jealously. I took a foolish risk in making such an unlikely prediction based solely on my ability to connect the dots. I did not hear it from heaven in any way ...and in that fact I would make a defense. I have never claimed to be a prophet, nor would I have if my prediction had come true. I have never claimed to speak on God's behalf with His authority, nor have I even claimed to have heard Him speak to me and give me daily guidance in any way. I have never heard voices of any kind. As much as I have desired to hear from heaven and sought verbal guidance through much prayer and fasting, as of this day, I sadly have to report the truth that I have not heard a word. Many Christians make these kinds of claims, some on a daily basis, and it's obvious by their many mistakes that they are fooling themselves and are at best, only flirting with the title of false prophet. Many are outright false prophets. I on the other hand have guarded against making any such claims and have simply spoken the truth ....that what I present is my reasoning. So in that respect I cannot be labeled a false prophet. I can be labeled wrong though.   

My greatest fear in making this error is that others might take it as reason to reject off-hand my other work. It's your call. I hope my credibility hasn't taken that serious a hit. I would hope individuals would let each argument stand the merits of its own evidence and logic.  

Blessings in our returning Messiah, Yeshua,