Yeshua (Jesus) and Judaism 
Paul and Christianity
by Scott Nelson   

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Posted 6/26/18  20 Facts that prove Paul was a FALSE apostle!

 Yeshua's Spoken Word Remaining in Lazarus

  Finally: The Truth About Job. A Defense of The Almighty!

A New Look at Yeshua's Prophecies Concerning the End of the Age  

Every Eye Will See Him

  How the Name Yeshua Became "Jesus"   

 The Exact Date of Revelation (John's Vision) Established by Josephus: April 12, 67 AD!
The Prosecution of James and its Possible Connection to a Strange Sign in the Temple.  

Why Didn't James Come to Paul's Rescue? (The Trophimus Incident) 

Paul and Timothy: the False Apostles Yeshua Commended the Ephesians for Rejecting!

The Law Stands, and More of Paul's Doctrinal Errors Chapter 14 

The Problem with the Book of Hebrews

What Ever Happened to the Tree of Life? 

Heaven or Hell? What is at Stake? Chapter 2

Was Shem Melchizedek? Life-Spans of Early Patriarchs 

Life-Spans of Early Patriarchs PDF chart

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Are you like me in that while you were raised in a God fearing environment, you knew some truth existed in the doctrines you had become familiar with, yet at the same time some things just didn't add up?  And, when you ask the difficult questions are you tired of being told in so many words that the height of all understanding is understanding that you don't understand?  If this sounds like you, welcome to this home page for the ongoing writing of my book,  Yeshua/Jesus and Judaism versus Paul and Christianity.

In spite of the fact we as humans cannot know everything, it is absolutely necessary that we make sense of what we do claim to know. What we tout as fact must add up and be consistent within itself.  Solomon said;

Yes, if you cry out for discernment, and lift up your voice for understanding. If you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding:  Then you will understand righteousness and justice, Equity and every good path.     Proverbs 2:3-5,9    NKJV

Today, much is peddled under the guise of truth/understanding in both Christianity and Judaism that simply does not add up. The age old controversy over understanding 'the sovereignty of God', and 'who has eternal life'  are two larger issues involved.  

In my search for sense-making understanding I have come to some conclusions that are intellectually satisfying but have left me without good standing in either the Jewish or Christian communities.  Both sides would call my positions heresy.  

At the same time, I fully acknowledge that God has been involved in the lives of individuals of both Jewish and Christian persuasions.  For myself, I was raised in Protestant Evangelical Christianity and was very active in it for many years. I saw numerous answers to prayer as I continued to struggle for better understanding.  For the most part, I now attribute these 'miracles'  to one or both of two things. Firstly, to God's indescribable love and mercy toward man in spite of his ignorance and errors, and secondly, to the latent power of raw faith. No longer do I interpret them as proof of possessing superior doctrine.

A problem stems from man's tendency to evaluate himself in terms of absolutes. People tend to see themselves as either good or evil, and therefore deserving either all of heaven or all of hell. Man seems blind to the fact that he was given the capacity to grow in favor with God.  Where a person stands in favor with God could be illustrated as a scale from  0-10, 10 being ultimate favor with God, and 0, no favor. Today, the best of individuals in either Christianity or Judaism might rate at 2.  On the other hand, someone like the prophet Daniel might rate around 8+, Moses and Elijah 9, and Yeshua 10.  But a rating of 2 can appear impressive in a world where the general level is 1 or lower.  It's a matter of perspective that appears twice as good as others. It is far easier to pat one's self on the back for what he is not, as opposed to turning around and facing the fact that he is nothing near what he could be. 

Jewish and Christian doctrine has responded by sedating its followers from the pain of this reality with a concept of the sovereignty of God borrowed from Greek (Hellenistic) philosophy.  In short, it suggests that we are who, and what we are, because God has for-ordained it to be so.  In effect, this puts the blame for man's pathetic condition back on God.  At the same time this ultra-sovereign picture of God allows man to see himself as the best there is. This always leads to a sense of pride. The natural outflow from pride is to believe one has found the exclusive way to salvation, and all others are doomed to hell. This bigoted posturing is particularly repulsive. It is rampant... understood, but not always spoken, in most factions of Christianity and some Jewish sects. The self-serving aspects of this fear mongering should be evident. It is nothing short of psychological extortion. 

No one has cornered the market on eternal life. The truth happens to be one of the good news/bad news scenarios.  Eternal life in a better place is relatively easy to obtain.  It is the Kingdom of God that is much more difficult to enter, and there is a difference!

The writing of the book Yeshua/Jesus and Judaism versus Paul and Christianity is motivated by the desire to address these and other seemingly irreconcilable problems.  As the title suggests, the teachings of Yeshua and that of Paul, the supposed apostle, are not at all compatible with each other.  It is Pauline doctrine that is the source of most of the problem in Christianity. Paul's understanding of God was shared by many of the leading first century Hellenistic Pharisees, and much of modern Rabbinic Judaism fondly traces its roots back to this same sect. 

In my book, I show how after his conversion experience, Paul continued to be in severe error in his understanding of God and Yeshua's teachings and mission.  I also show how he continually abused the Hebrew Scriptures to help sell his faulty doctrines. I show that he misinterpreted his own conversion experience as a meeting with his own glorious destiny, when in reality, it was nothing more than an ultimatum to stop the persecution of the Messianic believers.  Because of what Paul believed concerning his destiny, he naturally became conceited and continually tried to upstage the very apostles who had spent over three years with Yeshua. He was too proud to learn from them, but instead had to receive his doctrine by "divine revelation". After Yeshua, Paul was the first of many to have come along in history with a "new" revelation. 

Not only do I expose Paul as a false apostle, but I also show that he is in all probability the very false apostle and "liar" Yeshua commended the Ephesian congregation for exposing as recorded in the book of Revelation. I also show that Paul's doctrine is responsible for the anti-Semitic doctrine of replacement-theology. This is the teaching that God has made Christianity the new true Israel. Anti-Semitism so saturated the pews of both Catholic and Protestant churches throughout history it could be argued the holocaust itself could not have occurred had it not been for the general 'who cares' attitude of Christians toward the Jews. This attitude found its legitimacy in replacement-theology.  This arrogant and obnoxious doctrine could not be further from the truth. Israel is still God's center piece... rating far above Gentile Christianity. I say this as one who was born a Gentile.

What I present as the truth of the gospel of Yeshua is nothing new.  In an age when the world is on the fast track to destruction, many preachers, priests, and rabbis, are calling their flocks to return to the older principles of a few generations ago.  I suggest we need to go back much further. We need to return to the teachings that Yeshua left with the men he had trained for over three years. His doctrine was unquestionably the purest Judaism.  The first Messianic believers in Jerusalem before the advent of Paul were 100% Jewish and Law-abiding, (observant) for nearly twenty years before they ever heard the notion that the Law had been 'superseded'.  They continued to abide by the Law of Moses, including the offering of burnt offerings, right up to the destruction of the Temple almost forty years after Yeshua ascended to heaven. These well established facts of history should cause some question about a maverick like Paul who spent no more than a few minutes only hearing the voice of Yeshua on the road to Damascus.  

Purpose of this site

The purpose of this website is to offer what has been accomplished in the writing of Yeshua/Jesus and Judaism versus Paul and Christianity to those who are interested.  It is being written because I firmly believe that God's patience with man is fast coming to an end. Yeshua will be returning soon to ascend the throne of his father David and establish the Kingdom of God on earth...  the Messianic age foretold by the prophets. The truth needs to be known that Law-less doctrine, as well as presumptuous grace doctrine, will not be tolerated much longer.

It is also my hope that others will offer moral support and constructive criticism in the interest of the truths that have been outlined.  At the end of each chapter is an input link for those who have something to offer. Even if input concerns minor things such as spelling or grammar, it will be greatly appreciated.  

In the outline below, highlighted chapter titles are links to that chapter.  


Read some of the positive input received from other visitors in
Comments and Reviews 


           Why do people believe what they do?
                                 On teachers and institutions 
                                 Translations and terminology 

Chapter 1     Introduction    
                                 Lost on the lake
                                 Parallel philosophy
                                 The truth must make sense
                                 Who I am
                                 Oh to be God's pet
                                 Difficult questions

Chapter 2     Heaven, or Hell? What is at Stake?
                                There is more than one Book of
                                The leaves of the tree of life
                                A challenge
                                Moses and the Book of Life
                                Yeshua on the kingdom of heaven
                                Two books... two judgments
                                Doing Yeshua's commandments/The will of the Father
                                There is still hope
                                Other kingdom passages, and how they fit the two-book picture
                                The parable of the wedding feast
                                The wise and foolish virgins
                                The parable of the lazy servant
                                The parable of the unforgiving servant
                                The parable of the tares explained
                                Erroneous Christian doctrines of salvation
                                The Protestant evangelical doctrine of the need to be "born again"
                                No one... ...except through me
                                Catholicism and salvation through the 'eucharist'
                                Motives of preservation at all cost
                                Christianity a positive influence on society?
                                Christianity hindering those from entering the kingdom
                                The worst and most damaging doctrine of salvation  

Chapter 3     Calvinism, and The Attributes of Deity  part 1       
                                Defining God
                                Labeling the positions
                                Calvinists and intellectual suicide
                                Calvinist doctrine
                                Scriptures indicating God has limited His knowledge
                                Summary of part one
    Notable Quote: Thomas Jefferson

Chapter 4       A Working Model and Other Popular Calvinist Scriptures
                   Concerning the Attributes of Deity
   part 2      
                                A working model
                                John the Baptist
                                King Cyrus
                                What about prophecy?
                                What about prophesied evil?
                                Other popular Calvinist passages
                                 Psalm 139:16
                                 Isaiah 54:16  
                                 Isaiah 45:7
                                 The song of Moses
                                 Peter's denial of Yeshua 

Chapter 5      Paul and Romans 9/ The Attributes of Deity   part 3      
                                 Paul and Romans 9
                                 A closer look at Paul's proof texts
                                  Jacob and Esau/loved and hated before birth
                                 Paul's proof from Moses
                                 Hardening Pharaoh's heart
                                 Paul anticipates objection a second time
                                 The potter and the clay comparison 
                                 Origins of Paul's concept of deity
                                 Yeshua's disciples even assumed timeless destiny
                                 When and why this type of thinking came about

Chapter 6      What is the Infallible Word of God?       
          All or nothing?
                                 More errors in NT
                                 Can't God protect His word?
                                 A few errors in the Hebrew Bible!

Chapter 7     Paul the False Apostle   
                                His apostleship was unrecognized by others
                               "I wanna talk about me!"
                                His claim of apostleship stands alone
                                Our view of early church is polarized
                                Paul's claims of apostleship
                                Paul, the greatest apostle!
                                The book of Revelation
                                When was it written?
                                To whom was it written?
                                Paul and the Ephesians

Chapter 8      Paul, a Liar?!    
                                Paul and the Jerusalem Council
                                The lie
                                Paul's lie to the Sanhedrin
                                Paul's lie to King Agrippa 

Chapter 9      Paul, a Coward?!             
                                Setting the stage
                                The boast
                                The run
                                Festus' decree 

Chapter 10  Yeshua's Prophecy Concerning Peter   
                   Did Peter Endorse Paul?

                              The Prophecy concerning Peter
                               Correlation of Peter's and John's prophecy
                               Unraveling John's  prophecy first
                               Still unraveling John's
prophecy/Past precedence for help
                               John's prophecy finally unraveled 

                               Back to Peter

Chapter 11  Who was the 12th Apostle?                                     
      There are only twelve
                              Peter calls for a replacement for Judas
                              Who was Matthias?
                              The author of the mysterious Q source?!
                              Notable Quotes 

Chapter 12 The Book of Hebrews              
Who wrote the book of Hebrews?
                              Is Hebrews better than Paul's letters?
                              Style of thought
                              The subject matter/doctrine of Hebrews
                              Like Melchizedek... how?
                              Yeshua: King and priest in one
                              Yeshua: Descendant of both David and Levi
                              Graph of Yeshua's physical bloodlines 
                              The new covenant?
                              Extortive threat-tactics of the author of Hebrews

Chapter 13 What about burnt offerings?                                   
                              Intentional and unintentional sin
                              Did God say He had no desire for burnt sacrifices?
                              Yeshua commanded others to offer burnt offerings
                              Burnt offerings after Yeshua's ascension!?
                              What then did Yeshua's sacrifice accomplish?
                              What Yeshua's sacrifice accomplished for man
                              What Yeshua's sacrifice accomplished for himself
                              Vicarious atonement?
                              Addressing child sacrifice
                              God: the author of human sacrifice?

Chapter 14  The Law stands, and more of Paul's doctrinal errors          
Notable Quote: Thomas Jefferson
Paul was anti-Law
                              The book of Romans
                              Romans 3
                              God calls some, "righteous"!
                              Paul's greatest lie
                              Abraham justified by faith?
                              Grace and mercy versus Law and works?
                              Which laws stand?
                              Every "jot and tittle"
                              What part of the written?

Chapter 15  Is Yeshua Israel's Messiah?  (part 1)         
                              Yeshua will establish the Law.
                              Messiah must be descendant of David.
                              Yeshua's genealogy
                              Perceived problems with the records
                              King and priest in one
                              Yeshua, descendant of both David and Levi
                              Yeshua's Bloodline Chart
                              Yeshua's Supposed Divinity, preexistence, and virgin birth.
                              Virgin birth?
                              Was Yeshua God in the flesh?
                              Isaiah 43:10,11
                              Isaiah  9:6,7
                              Yeshua speaking as God the Father?
                              Yeshua indicated YHWH was his God.

Chapter 16  Is Yeshua Israel's Messiah?  (part 2) 
Prophecies concerning Messiah
Yeshua made
                              The number
                              The photograph
                              Carbon 14 dating 
                              The shroud could not be work of a forger
                              Reason for the shroud's existence 

Chapter 17   Conclusion 
                              Why must we have Paul?
                              From another angle
                              It's about Yeshua, his bride, and the Kingdom of Heaven


Abortion in Prophecy        
Answer to question; "Why was this man born blind?"
Did God say one of His names is I Am?
How the name Yeshua became Jesus.
Notable Quotes Concerning Paul
Ode to the Pharisees
Passover Dates 26-34 A.D. 
Statement of faith
The Name: A Modern Parable.
The Rich Young Ruler Synoptic Parallel
The Trinity?! (New insight into Matthew 28:19)
The Trophimus Incident (Why didn't James come to Paul's rescue?)
Was Einstein Right? 
We're missing part of the book of Job! 
666 in UPC barcodes  
Where Months Divide Evenly Into Years PDF  

Questions and Answers
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Question 5     If we can disregard Paul's words, what about the Gospels?  What parts are the word of God?  

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